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Prameela Is a Tamil Romantic N Action Movie,Dubbed From Malayalam
Synopsis: This is A Tamil dubbed Malayalam Movie. The story says about the importance being faithful in family life. The story start with a police chase on a Murderer. They took the culprit and takes to Police station. His name is Mani. He begins to tell the story. He was lived in a good family with his brother, mother, sister, Rekha and sister in law. His brother is a Police Officer. Prameela is the name of the sister in law. Mani is in love affair with Meena. Prameela’s husband is a busy police man so he don’t give much satisfaction to his wife. So she tries to find pleasure from Mani. To Mani Prameela was same as Mother. The the story goes with some dramatic scenes. Prameela trying to seduce Mani in every instinct. But she fails. Mani & Meena very font of with their love. One day Prameela cme to know about this affair. She gets jealous and angry. So she gives money to a criminal and he kills Meena. Mani came to know about this one day. He gets tempted with revenge mentality. One day when Prameela tries to seduce him again he kills her. Then he tried to hide her body and his mother see it and she fell in un conscious. After some time his brother comes and they fought. Mani kills his brother.This is the story mani say to Police. After trials the court sentence him with death sentence. This movie is a good reminder to such intense minded woman in the world.

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Azhagooril Poothavale – 00:19
Katre En Vaasal Vandhai – 04:41
Ondra Renda Aasaigal – 09:40
O Sona – 14:54
O Nenje – 20:11
Kaathadi Pole – 26:05
Neeya Pesiyathu – 30:12
Uyirin Uyire – 34:34
Poo Virinchachu – 39:51
Oru Devaloga Rani – 45:37
Dhimsu Kattai – 48:34
Ennai Konjam Maatri – 52:36
Aandae Nootrandae – 58:08
Seettu Kattu Rani Pole – 1:04:12
Oru Ooril Azhage – 1:07:33

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An investigative thriller revolving around the village of Paravathipuram. Kaimal(Jagadi Srikumaar)and Parambath Raaju (Ganesh Kumar) are fighting over a number of issues and get involved in the murder of a girl, Bhadra (Mangala). Two police officers who are alike, S.I. Rajan and Rajamani IPS (both played by Jayaram), investigate the case.

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This movie reveals about the un wanted clashes in between husband and wife in modern life due to the busy schedule of life. In this movie there is a Husband he is a Doctor but he fails to fulfill the needs of his wife as a Husband. hence his wife goes to other men for her physical needs. One day he sees her in such situation and he forced to kill her. The moral of this movie is about to care our loving ones and to pay attention to their needs. This is a Dramatic movie with a Good Social message.

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