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Chandrasekhar (Ranganath) is the editor of a daily called Addam. As he was ready to expose the misdeeds and corrupt practices of Home Minister Bhagawan Raj (Sai Kumar) the latter hangs him to death with the help of his henchman Lingam Goud (Vinodkumar).Chandu (Jagapati Babu), Abhi (Arunkumar) and Aparna (Archana) were orphans and were brought up by Chandrasekhar. They go to high positions and stay abroad. But they return to India to continue the legacy of Chandrasekhar and run Addam.Chandrasekhar wishes not to cause physical harm to the crooked politicians but they should be made unpopular. So Chandu takes over the editor’s job and prepares a plan to catch the political red handed.As a first step they catch Vaishnavi Bank chairman Rajareddy (Ashokkumar) who declares insolvency in order to loot the people and expose him. During the course, the trio comes to know that Bhagawan Raj is part of the scam.Based on a video and audio, Chandu starts blackmailing Bhagawan Raj and makes him to spend the money he earned through scams for the benefit of people, as part of fulfilling his election promises. Meanwhile, Chandu falls in love with Vandana (Kamna Jethmalani), the sister of Lingam Goud. As the recording had the mention of Lingam Goud’s name, he could not do any harm to Chandu. However there was a blacksheep among the trio. It is none other than Aparna, who wants to take revenge against Chandrasekhar as he was responsible for the death of her parents and sister. She joins hands with Bhagawan Raj and helps in the murder of Chandrasekhar. She is out to ensure the closure of Addam newspaper.Finally, Bhagawan Raj realises that the real happiness in life lies in working for the welfare of the people. After the self-introspection, Bhagawan Raj kills Aparna and decides to commit suicide. But Chandu stops him saying that the people need a politician who realized his mistakes.
Jagapati Babu
Kamna Jethmalani
Sai Kumar
Vinod Kumar
Arun Kumar
Rajiv Kanakala
MS Narayana
Duvvasi Mohan
Narra Venkateswara Rao
Ahuti Prasad
Raghunath Reddy
Ashok Kumar
Mumaith Khan
Sarika Rama Chandra Rao
M Balayya
Directed by:Ravi C Kumar
Produced by:R. R. Venkat
Written by:Ravi C Kumar (story)
Ravi C Kumar (dialogues )
Screenplay by:Ravi C Kumar
Music by:Vandemataram Srinivas
Cinematography:Vijay C. Kumar
Editing by:K.V Krishna Reddy.
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